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Thread: Fires occur mostly at night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiremanLyman View Post
    Shocked to agree with LA, but as fires go we see more kitchen or room and contence fires in the day, your larger fires at night. Would agree that it mostly deals with detection, either by the resident or passerby.
    I agree with detection. If the structure has no sprinklers, automatic alarm system, etc., having people "awake" makes a difference in reporting the fire.

    If a business is closed, there is usually no one there. If a fire breaks out during business hours, somebody will notice. After hours, the fire may not be noticed until it it is too late to save anything.

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    With better public education, smoke alarms, gentrification of ghetto areas and better Fire detection systems, London Fire Brigade has gotten a lot quieter over the 25 years of my career... particulalry over the last decade. But still, the busiets periods for runs tend to be afternoon and evening with the biggest fires generally overnight.

    Having said that, I've been on some spectacular daytime fires in my time. In fact the largest fire we've had in 40 years (in terms of attendance at a single incident) was on the last day of the Olympics this summer. A 40 Pump fire in a recycling warehouse that spread to an outdoor storage area and threatened a neighbouring Petro-chemical storage facility. The last time we had 40 Pumps at one incident was in May 1972.
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