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    Default Fire Service Collar Pins

    Good evening everyone,

    I have a very quick question. In my department we just recently purchased uniforms for the first time and we have two line officer positions that have no horn representation. The two positions are training officer and safety officer. What do you all use for these type of positions such as a collar pin that is T.O or something along them line?

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    Our Captains get two silver toilet plungers on their collars, nothing special for training officers as FF's through Caps can occupy those slots.

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    If your "officer" positions don't hold any rank, just a title, give them private brass. That is basically what they are anyway.
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    Our training and safety officers do not have to be a line officer, so if the position is not filled by a Lt or Capt then they get no collar brass
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    Our safety officer is considered a Chief officer, so they get 3 bugles. Training officer gets a tag on his locker, and a name tag, but no collar brass.

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