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    Hello, my name is Kyle and I am a firemedic at Okeechobee County Fire Rescue, recently one of my fellow brothers' son had a stroke at 6 years old. After extensive tests they found he has an EXTREMELY rare disease called Moyamoya. He is in need of brain surgery and insurance will not cover him to go to Boston where the BEST surgeon is for this sort of surgery. Our community is "Rallying Around Ryan" to fund the surgery and expenses to give his amazing little man a chance at a normal life. We would greatly appreciate any support and advertising we can get. We do have accounts set up for donations and it can be found on Facebook. Donny Arnold is his father, a fellow firemedic and his wife is a teacher here in our community, they both have given so much and we want a chance to get them what they need. PLEASE HELP! Thank you..


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