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    Question Blue Card Training

    Eh folks.

    For those of you who don't know what Blue Card Training is it's basically a computer based command course designed at helping describe the responsibility of command in a semi-interactive environment. It involves about 50 hours of computer learning followed by (if your department sends you) a few days of practical exercises at designated locations.

    Not exactly a book on "how to fight," former Phoenix Fire Chief Al Brunicini and his two sons (as well as a few other contributors) walk the "student" through various steps with video inputs and occasional commentated on scene video pertinent to the lesson. Lots of slides, some multiple choice...

    I admit I have a bit of a man crush (no-homo) on the experience these guys have... and if I ever came down with a terminal illness I think my "make a wish foundation" request would be to meet them in person and talk shop for a couple hours... But I'm on the fence with the program-

    Unfortunately to add to my uncertainty- I'm in the industrial environment and the overall scene management concept being discussed is more conventional / structural.

    Anyone out there complete the program? Anyone out there have the option and then have particular reasons why you didn't do it? Anybody with feedback about how they were able to apply it in their operations at either a personal or departmental level?
    Ian "Eno" McLeod

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    I'd like to bring this topic back from the dead if I may. This has been gaining a lot of traction in my county and could eventually be a "requirement." Is there value here or is it a way for some retired guys to keep making money? Thoughts from people who have been through it?

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