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    Default Should I volunteer where I want a career?

    Hi, I am from Hawaii and am currently attending my FFI academy on the mainland. This spring I will also try from my FFII.

    My goal is to become a career firefighter back home, but I may have the chance to volunteer at a rural station where I am going to school right away. Would it benefit me more to go back home with my FFI/FFII and volunteer? Or to stay on the mainland and volunteer?

    Any input would be great! Thanks.

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    I'd recommend you live in the place you want to live and find a volunteer opportunity in that area. For one thing if you want to work in Hawaii but are living on the mainland (I assume you mean somewhere outside Hawaii but within the US by that) think of the travel and logistical difficulties of job hunting, where if you're living in Hawaii that difficulty is greatly minimized.

    Good Luck and stay safe!

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    very good point! thank you!

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