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    Default Question Regarding Future Employment

    Hi everyone,

    I'm now a certified firefighter (NJ DFS FF-1) in New Jersey. I also have my Trench Rescue Operations Certification, HAZMAT Operations, First Responer, among many others. I'm scheduled to go for my EMT-B this summer. I plan on going into the National Guard after High School and one of my aspirations, if I can get it, is to get hired as a career firefighter. Does anyone think this status will move me ahead on hiring lists? I mean right now I'm only 16 and I'm aware I'll have to go through physical and knowledge tests again to be hired whether it be through a municipality or through the state, but I'm just a bit confused. If anyone can offer some guidance or wisdom, it would be much appreciated.
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    Do you have to be certified and emt before you can apply in nj???

    If not will look good and may help a little

    Why national guard???

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    Those are positives. Will they get you ahead? Maybe, maybe not. Remember there's going to be people with equal or more certs/experience. Why national guard?

    Being 16 and having those certs are good, get some experience and be at the top of the writtens and orals and you'll be ahead of alot.

    Make sure to update your signature with any other certs you have, lol.
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