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    Post Knots?

    What do you guys recommend is the best way for memorization of knots? I am terrible with knots and definitely something that needs to be known

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    Use this ap to help you get them down properly.
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    Default Knot Advice

    Pick one at a time to focus on. The 8 family of knots is a good place to start. Get a short of rope, ~3' long and practice. Practice til you can tie them with your eyes closed. Then once you get one down, start on a new one.

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    Get a piece of rope and practice during commercials whenever you're watching TV.

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    Wear your turnout gloves when tying those knots as well. It is a whole lot different trying to tie a knot barehanded and tying them with Turnout gloves on.
    I have done rope rescue for about ten years now and in just about every climate condition that the beautiful Bluegrass offers. I would recommend doing it with your eyes closed, gloves on and off, I have also got my hands cold and tied them. You would be surprised at how temperature will affect your dexterity. And like the rest of these guys are saying get a length of rope and just keep practicing because if you do not use it you will lose it when it matters most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsb View Post
    Get a piece of rope and practice during commercials whenever you're watching TV.
    With the way TV is now, he'll certainly have plenty of time.........

    Seriously, I did the same thing, sort of. I had a few 6 - 8 ft. sections of Rope that I used for Practice. I found that a Longer section was better when you were tying knots or hitches that needed more than just the rope within the knot itself........
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    I stick to the "if you can't tie a knot, tie alot" method". It has worked well for me for for 40+ years of life.

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