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Thread: Let go from academy; how to handle?

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    Default Let go from academy; how to handle?

    Hello all,

    I have been released from a firefighter academy. Of course, I was devastated, but my resolve and never-say-die attitude has not been destroyed. My former employer mentioned to me that they'd be happy to give me a good reference, and urged me to call them should I ever be close to getting hired again.

    I am looking for advice in how to go about handling this in future recruitment processes.

    Do I list it on the resume?
    Do I list it on the job application?
    How do I talk about it in a job interview?
    Is it impossible to get hired now?

    Thank you for any and all advice.

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    I would imagine that you got let go for some reason other than your integrity, seeing as former employer is willing to give you a good reference. If you got released because you were not ready either physically or skill-wise, make it a priority to improve on those aspects of your game, because you are obviously a great enough person to make it over all the other hurdles.

    I wouldn't try to hide the fact that a fire department hired you. I would however, make sure that whatever it was that held you back in the academy is no longer an issue so that you can honestly tell your new potential employer that you have gotten around your weaknesses.

    I bet very few of us, if any, have been in your shoes. I hope you press on and kick some butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMuñoz View Post
    Do I list it on the resume?
    Do I list it on the job application?
    How do I talk about it in a job interview?
    Is it impossible to get hired now?
    Maybe it wasn't the right fit?
    It will be best if you can find out directly from the department why you were let go. Armed with that, you will be able to address it directly in any future interviews. However, most departments are not required to give you reason.

    So in order of your questions:
    Find out what your weakness was and what you have done to correct them.
    Yes. As I said before, maybe it just wasn't the right fit.

    Good luck.

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    1 a city gave you conditional employment ?

    2 you were in their academy ?

    So why we're you let go?? Hard to answer a question without all the facts

    As far as future applications depends

    On the questions asked

    Ours ask for any places you have ever tested and standing

    Yes prepare to answer the question at an interview

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    As stated above, identify why you were let go and show what you've done to correct it. Own it and keep positive.

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    Default Let go

    If in the future you are asked about being let go....the answer is "YES" . Do not hide the fact as a Background Investigator will find it and then your toast. Make it a learning experience and move on.
    Jay Dudley
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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I was released due to academic reasons- was passing skills but not written tests. They told me I kept a great attitude through it all and even wrote emails to chiefs recommending to keep me but to no avail. What happened, happened, and I can only move forward from here.

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    Very few people are let go because they can’t lift a ladder or thread a hose. It usually comes down to attitude, maturity, lack of academic ability, or not being physical enough. The problem is that they will rarely tell you why you were let go, or if they do it may not be the truth. They don’t want to be sued, so getting info is hard, if not impossible.

    I have talked to a lot of people let go from academies and those that rise above and get hired have a few things in common. First they own it, embrace it and use it as a learning experience. As stated above they figure out the reason, or reasons for their being let go. While the department that let you go may not tell you, I could talk to you for a few minutes and be able to tell you why. I have had a number of people say, “I don’t know why”, after a few questions it is obvious to me, and I think they knew all along. After you have it figured out, you fix it.

    I would sign up for another academy at a local college, even if you have already had one. That shows you are looking to fix the problem what ever it may be. Then you need to continue to test well, even better. You will have to be significantly better than the other test taker to get another chance.

    It is not impossible to get another chance, but it will be an uphill battle and can be very discouraging.
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    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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