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    Default Nashville Fire Ems

    Anyone apply to nashville EMS? Whats the hiring process like on that side?

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    I applied and tested last year... The process was a 25 question written test then a 1 question interview immediately after with the chief...

    I received an email 2 weeks ago informing me they are "re-announcing" the Paramedic list and that they will be dropping the written test and "qualified candidates" will sit for an interview only...

    and I need not re-apply...

    I don't know if this is beneficial to me since i'm still on a somewhat shorter end of the list, or if this is just more smoke and mirrors to get people they want in there... I work downtown in Nashville and talk to EMS guys all the time and most of them say it takes quite a long time to get on. One told me "It's like getting on with The Mafia" lol... we'll see

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    Same thing for me. Just like detroitmedic said. Make sure they have a copy of your current license.

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    Thanks for the responses and info. I have already turned in my app and am waiting for a testing email. Hate the waiting game. Lol

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