I am with the Columbia Missouri Fire Department Explorers Program, which is quite exstensive considering that the only fee is $25.00 for both a polo shirt with an Explorer's "E", and name , and our town, with of course the following "fire department" and actual bunker gear. (Subtracted the SCBA until needed in class, provided with an air pressure truck). We are sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America, thus $15.00 is applied to the organization from the 25. I have noticed over the year of being involved as a student, 16 years old and ever since 10 years of age having desired to be a firefighter, that few have a mutal desire at my age level. Something so fantastic as oppurtunity so rare as this should have much more attention. Yet there is a possible likely cause to the sudden loss of interest with this type of job field. Little word is let out, so maybe as "fellow firefighters" we should spread the word beyound those contacting the stations. What do you all think?