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    Default Looking for Info Your UTV/RTV Setups

    Our department is in the process of obtaining a Polaris Ranger. We're not sure yet if it will be a 4x4 or a 6x6, it will depend on which of them are in better shape. We would like to see some setups and hear some real world feedback from the folks that have some experience with them. We've looked at a bunch of the slide in units and we're also contemplating making our own since the slide ins are kinda pricey for our budget. It will be used to support our current brush/grass units as well as for off road rescue in all seasons. Thanks for any info or photos you guys can share with me.

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    I will say our EMS UTV is one of the smaller Polaris 4x4's and the stokes hangs off the back and looks rather unstable up-hills, so with that I would probably suggest the 6x6....just a thought.

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    If your going to go with a fire and rescue unit I would go with the 6x6. Our Dept has two of them, one set up for fire rescue with a Tera Tor unit on it(box on top comes off to hold stokes basket) and the new one we just made our own fire unit for. Have taken it many many places and we are in the rolling hill area of SW wisconsin. Send me a pm with your email and I'll see if i can get a few photos of our two units.

    here is a link to the company near us that built our first unit.


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