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    Default Possible Airbag Locations

    I was trying to update my list of possible locations where airbags could be found in vehicles today. Although the largest number of airbags in any one specific vehicle remains at 12, there are more possible locations when all vehicles are considered. In the past, the number of maximum possible locations was 16. Currently, with the rollout of the 2013 models, that number has grown larger.

    Here's my list of 25 possible locations. Did I miss any?

    1) driver front
    2) passenger front

    3) driver knee
    4) passenger knee

    5) driver carpet bag(Mercedes)

    6) driver front door airbag
    7) passenger front door airbag

    8) driver-side rear door airbag
    9) passenger-side rear door airbag

    10) roof airbag- Driver side front row & second row seat
    11) roof airbag- Passenger side front row & second row seat

    12) roof airbag- Driver side third row seat
    13) roof airbag- Passenger side third row seat

    14) driver front seat torso airbag(seatback)
    15) driver front seat pelvic airbag(seat cushion)(Scion IQ)

    16) passenger front seat torso airbag(seatback)
    17) passenger front seat pelvic airbag(seat cushion)(Scion IQ)

    18) driver-side rear seat torso airbag
    19) passenger-side rear seat torso airbag

    20) driver-side rear seat pelvic airbag(Dodge DART)
    21) passenger-side rear seat pelvic airbag(DART)

    22) Center console airbag- front seat

    23) Driver-side rear passenger seatbelt airbag
    24) Passenger-side rear passenger seatbelt airbag

    25) Rear window airbag(SCION IQ)
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Great that you posted this. I just had this topic come up with my District Chief.

    Our Station only offers basic extrication only(took tools out of our hall back in 88)

    We were speaking to the fact that cutting a car is like surgery with all the air bag points

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Rear seat middle airbag

    Front seat middle airbag

    Under rear seat airbag to prevent torpedoing

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