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    I am looking at getting the Gemtor 541nyc harness for my gear... I already have belt loops on my pants that come standard from Janesville. Are the loops inside of the legs really needed? Or are they there just for ease of Donning the gear? I can get them added but I did not know if it was really that big of a difference and if not I would go without to save some $$$. Thanks!!!

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    The loops are necessary. If you do not have them when you doff your gear and move it, it is very very likely that the leg loops will end up going around your boots to the outside or in some other weird manner. When you don your gear again you won't be happy and likely have a lot of difficulty going on the run.

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    Skern240.... You definitely want the snaps on the legs attached. That ensures that when you don your turnout gear, you are "in" the harness. Without the leg loops, you risk having the leg straps on the outside of your legs and in this instance, you would not be in the harness. Ope this helps. Check out for details.

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