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    Default Question about Firefighter 1 and 2

    I am currently in the process of joining one of the local FD's in my area. It is a combo department. My question is, What does the FF 1 and 2 certification consist of? I have looked around and everyone has mentioned 4 hours of Basic First aid, 10 Hours of live burn etc. Is the FF 1 and 2 Certification a class or do you take a certain number of classes to reach to the certification level? Thanks for your help in advance.


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    Each state is a little different. There should be a small description of the course where you signed up. I would ask one of the guys from your dept on what to expect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ocean County NJ Fire Academy
    The Ocean County Fire Academy in conjunction
    with New Jersey Division of Fire Safety offers
    the Firefighter 1 certification program. This
    course is designed to meet the requirements of
    NFPA standard 1001, professional qualifications
    for Firefighters. Those who pass this course will
    be eligible to apply for state Firefighter 1
    Certification and will also allow a Firefighter
    to meet the requirements for Blood Borne
    Pathogens and the Right to Know Act.
    Students will be required to attend all sessions
    and pass both a 100 question State of New
    Jersey, Division of Fire Safety certification
    examination and practical skills evaluation.
    The Firefighter 1 Program includes the
    following courses:
    Fire Behavior
    Ground Cover
    Fire Prevention and IMS
    Firefighter Survival
    Ropes and Knots
    First Aid
    Building Construction
    Salvage and Overhaul
    Fire Cause and Determination
    Forcible Entry
    Haz-Mat Awareness
    Haz-Mat Operations
    Utility Emergencies
    Water Supply
    Fire Hose & Appliances
    Nozzles / Fire Streams / Foam
    Burn Education
    Firefighter Equipment
    Personal Protective Equipment
    SCBA / Burn
    Emergency Response to Terrorism
    Live Fire Training
    Vehicle Fires
    Clothing Requirements: Full protective
    clothing, SCBA (with spare bottle) that meets
    OSHA and/or NFPA requirements shall be
    Prerequisites: Must be a certified member of
    an organized fire department.
    Hours: 180

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    In Pennsylvania it's a 196 hour course. To pass you must attend 100% of the classes, pass a 100 question multiple choice exam for the fire aspect, a 50 question multiple choice exam for HAZMAT Awareness, and a 100 question multiple choice exam for HAZMAT Operations. You must also pass the practical skills for the fire aspect and HAZMAT Operations. Included is also a 16 hour structure burn session which must be completed. Everything meets NFPA 1001 and are all ProBoard certs. This is a copy of exactly what was done at the most recent class in my area. Firefighter 2 here is only a 48 hour class, but I'm not exactly sure what is covered in it.

    1. Orientation / Safety / POV Safety
    2. Fire Behavior
    3. Highway Safety / LZ Safety
    4. PPE / SCBA Lecture
    5. PPE / SCBA
    6. Ropes & Knots / Search Lecture
    7. Fire Ext. / Forcible Entry Lecture
    8. Rope, Search / Forcible Entry / Fire Ext
    9. Rope, Search / Forcible Entry / Fire Ext
    10. Communications
    11. Building Construction
    12. Mid Term
    13. Ladder lecture
    14. Ground Ladder & Aerial Operations
    16. Ventilation Lecture
    17. Water Supply / Sprinklers Lecture
    18. Water Supply / Sprinkler / Ventilation Drills
    19. Water Supply / Sprinkler / Ventilation Drills
    20. Wildland FF / Arson Awareness
    21. Fire Hose Lecture
    22. Fire Hose Loads Advancement / Deployment
    23. Fire Hose Loads Advancement / Deployment
    24. Fire Stream / S & O Lecture
    25. Fire Control 1
    26. Fire Control 2 & 3
    27. Fire Control 2 & 3
    28. S & O / Fire Stream Drills
    29. SBS Lecture
    30. SBS Wet Lines / Drills
    31. SBS

    32. HAZMAT Awareness
    33. HAZMAT Awareness Test
    34. HAZMAT Operations
    34. HAZMAT Operations
    34. HAZMAT Operations
    34. HAZMAT Operations
    34. HAZMAT Operations
    34. HAZMAT Operations
    35. HAZMAT Operations Written Test
    36. HAZMAT Operations Practical Test

    37. Firefighter 1 Written Test
    38. Firefighter 1 Practical Test
    "If it was easy, someone else would of done it already." - Lt. Ray McCormack FDNY

    - Firefighter 1 / HAZMAT Ops / EMT-B

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    Firefighter 1 and 2 generally refers to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1001-I-II Standard. 1001 is the Standard for Professional Firefighter Qualifications and it basically has two parts. Part I and II, hence the NFPA 1001-I-II. Different states place their own twist on these but if you actually read the standard it will tell you what you must be able to do in order to meet the standard. To answer the question it is really entirely up to your department or state as to what they chose to adopt in the standard. Your department would be called the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), the things you must be able to do to meet the standard are called JPR's (Job Performance Requirements). You can view this document online at NFPA's website but you have to make an account and you cannot print it for free.

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