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    HWoods, we are here. Beaten and battered, but still going on. Had almost 3 feet of water in the firehouse and we are "working" with Gov't to rebuild. We'll get through it....we are not as bad off as some other stations
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwoods View Post
    Couple of things..... First, Bones, Good to see you on here, Hope all is OK on your end.

    Second, "Take Home Cars"..... As I noted earlier, Cops have a lot of them, and I almost think there would be a Police Strike if anyone messed with that. Finding and keeping good Cops is hard enough as it is, cut benefits any more and things will go downhill quick..... Fire Dept is different, in that VFDs are private corporations, chartered by the state. In the case of our Vehicles, (including Apparatus) they are purchased and operated with money raised, not Taxes......
    Same here. Our Chief's vehicle is paid for out of corporate funds, not Village tax money.

    We run it for 2-3 years, then sell it. Those proceeds are combined with saved, earmarked funds to purchase another off the State bid.

    The Chief gets the dept owned vehicle. 1st and 2nd asst Chiefs use their own vehicles. But yeah- ours is a take home vehicle, and often goes to work with chiefs who are allowed to respond to calls from work. It's one of the only benefits of being a volunteer chief. We bought these as command vehicles, to respond directly to the scene. Makes no sense if the Chief has to go home to get it...

    Afaik, we do not have milage or fuel limitations.

    We equip ours similarly to the others' :
    EMS bag and AED.
    20# dry Chem extinguisher
    Chief's turnouts
    Air pack in hard case.
    set of irons
    Command board
    Portable radios, extra batteries, and chargers.
    Rechargable handlights.

    The Chief's buggy may also be used for dept business out-of-district, for example sending several members to the county training facility for a class, or to a parade. It can also be used as a manpower squad, and is assigned a radio call number for those occasions.

    It's customary for the Chief to pass it on to one of the assistants when they go out of town for an extended period of time.

    Our district straddles three counties. We have a contract to cover in one, and an auto-aid agreement with the other. Both of those counties use low band radios, while ours uses high band. Thus ALL department owned vehicles have 2 mobile radios, and carry a low band portable as well. The Chief's buggy and the squad have custom consoles built for them to accommodate this and the light/siren controls and chargers.

    We have several Deputies living within the town, and many bring their patrol cars home. We are at the far end of the county, so I imagine they are expected to respond to anything major. I have no idea if rank plays a role in this or not, but the K9 units do. The County Sherriff's provide all of our law enforcement here, so that may have something to do with it, too- they ARE in district.

    Every now and then, we'll get an complaint about the take home vehicle. Most are satisfied once it's explained what's going on with it ( and how we pay for it). There will always be those few who simply like to complain, or who hate the village/ current Chief etc...

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    Thanks all for the info, especially about the equipment carried on the Chief's vehicle. We plan on writing some SOPs for our vehicle and have been looking around online for some existing SOPs to use as a model or starting point for us. But the pickings have been slim. If anyone has written SOPs for their Chief's vehicle that they would be willing to share, I'd appreciate it. Feel free to Private Message me.

    No sense reinventing the wheel here. Thx again.


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