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Thread: on the subjects of unions

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    Default on the subjects of unions

    Gotta ask -where were the union 'heads" when this happened?
    Unbelievable -I go out of my way to buy American , yet it seems like i am joisting at windmills
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    Seems to me it is the states bypassing buy American laws. I would wonder why the fed isn't jumping down their throats.
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    Based on what they state in the video it would appear the SF Bay Bridge project is being done with state funds, so the Feds have no say in the matter. They said the state turned down federal funds to bypass Buy America rules. I can believe the comment about American welders being in short supply. If we outsource the work we reduce the need for domestic workers, kind of a self perpetuating problem.

    Interesting that they really give no specifics on the projects in NY and AK other than amounts and vague statements. Is this really a wide spread problem or one project run at the state level. The clip tying into Obama is rather deceptive if this is purely a case of state spending.

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