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    Default Interview this week any pointers?

    hey all,
    have my interview with the local paid dept here, just wondering if anyone has any pointers? what to wear what to say what to bring with? any help would be great!!!
    thanks all
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    There are a million of these threads....if you search you'll come up with a ton of results!

    But in short (what I consider to be some of the more important items):
    -Wear a suit and tie...do NOT wear any apparel (even a Class A uniform) from the prior department
    -Take time to formulate an answer. It may seem awkward to wait a few seconds after a question to answer...but it's not NEARLY as bad as stumbling through a half-assed answer
    -Arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes early
    -Bring multiple copies of your resume, certifications, references, etc. They may not ask for it, but if they do, it's exponentially better than saying "Let me get back to you with those......"
    -Do NOT be afraid to talk about specific experiences you've had, but do it without coming off overbearing and cocky
    -Good eye contact, be confident, etc.

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    Suit and tie, no other options

    Practice answering questions , and record yourself, so you know what you sound like

    Learn facts about the city and department

    Think about the questions a few seconds before saying anything

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    Don't fart. Or if you do, try to let it out quietly.

    Having been the interviewer for a bunch of non-fire jobs, I can tell you the things that I see candidates messing up on.

    As fire49 said, know the department and the community.

    Know why you want the job, apart from "Every kid wants to be a firefighter." Why does this ADULT want to be a firefighter?

    Paint yourself as a team player. Acknowledge that your role will be Head Pond Scum Manager and that you are cool with that, and that you realize you EARN your credibility.
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    When they ask you about a "specific time" when you

    A. Helped be a team player,
    B. Had an arguement with a co-worker and how you handled it,
    C. Failed at something then were able to overcome it later,

    Make sure you use actual stories with a beginning, middle and end. When we ask these types of questions we don't want to hear "A lot of times what I do is, or sometimes when I get upset I".

    Instead think up 4 or 5 really good stories from your life that show you at your best. Then start figuring out how you can change the way you tell these stories to emphasize the part of the story that fits the question that was asked.

    In many interviews they will actually give you 5 minutes to look at the questions before they start.

    Be prepared to show them specific reasons why you are the candidate for the job.

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    Is this oral for Davenport Iowa?

    Stories Get Badges!

    Don Hewitt, one of the pioneers of television news and the creator of CBS's "60 Minutes" said, “The key to my success is four words that every child in the world knows. Tell me a story. Learn how to tell a story and you will be a success.”

    We encourage candidates to lace their answers with stories of their personal life experiences. Since no one else can tell a candidate’s life experience stories they can’t be placed in the mold of a profile. They become unique, fresh and convincing. In a recent fire academy all but two recruits were candidates who learned how to tell their life experience stories. You couldn’t tell one from the other in the oral board because they were using their own stuff. Not a profile robot “clone” of everyone else.

    The toughest thing for candidates to do in an oral is to be themselves on purpose. Your stories establish a natural bridge between you and the panel. When you're yourself, you become conversational because you are on your own turf. This alone can lower the stress and the butterflies.

    Stories are more than facts. If you can recreate the excitement, emotion, the color and magic to relive the actual event, you will capture the interest and a top score on that question. A big part of getting this job is convincing the oral board that you can do the job before you get it. Stories are convincing and can demonstrate your experience, even if they’re not fire related. What can you say that will stun the oral board into giving you the job over the other candidates?

    Practice those stories with a hand held voice recorder that goes everywhere your car keys go. Condense them down to a couple of minutes or less. Don’t go on a journey. The oral board is not packed for the trip. You won’t have time and it’s not appropriate to use a signature story for every answer. Tell the story. Make the point. Move on. Once you answer an oral board with a signature story, you can marry the rest of your answer with those clone answers you have been using. Try it and see the amazing difference.

    “Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.”—Joseph Pulitzer, (1847-1911) American journalist.

    You can find more tips in this previous thread:

    http://www.firehouse.com/forums/showthread.php?t=117336 (Interview Questions HELP!)
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    More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire “Captain Bob” Articles here:

    Fire "Captain Bob"


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