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    Default Local News Dooped by TV Series Chicago Fire


    Hope the link works
    Gave me a little chuckle this morning hope it does you too.
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    That is priceless! To funny!!!!

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    Similar thing happened in Shreveport a few years ago as well except it wasn't the media but a District Fire Chief.

    A District Chief, who had just come back from an long vacation, noticed tank truck explosions and a fire along one of the cities interstates on a ramp above him as he was passing below. He promptly called in for a second alarm assignment and crash trucks from the airport.

    It turned out to be a movie set for "The Battle of Los Angeles" which he found out when he made his way up to the ramp and called on-scene.

    He now works for Bossier Parish EMS and still hears about it to this day.
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