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    Hey Everyone,
    Im looking at the FP&S grant this year to help fund a kitchen fire hood suppressant system like this:

    Has anyone ever did they and have any narratives they would like to share? Thanks for the help!

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    Can't help you with a exact narrative but I can give you a few pointers. This project has been done a number of years ago...have not heard of it in last 2-3 though.

    Be sure you have the following data in your grant:

    # of stove top fires you have had in past 2-3 years?
    Dollar value of property damage done in those fires?
    # of injuries reported occurring in those fires?
    How many "cans" do you want and what is your justification for asking for that number of them?
    How long is it going to take to install them all?
    How are you going to let people know you have them and are willing to install them?
    Be sure to talk about how many teams are going to be sued to do the installs and their willingness to do so?
    How are you going to track if these "cans" have worked during the period of performance and afterwards?
    Are there already smoke detectors in place to alert the resident that a fire is occurring and warn them to get out?
    Kurt Bradley
    Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
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