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    Default competitive training idea, but need help

    Hey all, i've done some searching and found a few ideas similar so i've kinda strung some together, and have an idea for a few competitive trainings (firefighter vs firefighter) and here's the one i want to try tonight, see if anyone can add or subtract some stuff.

    Oh and kinda got the idea from the firefighter combat challenge course

    it's 2 firefighters racing one another, in a double elimination type deal. until only one remains. Full gear and running air packs.

    1. there's a charged 1 1/2 pre-connects laying on the ground, at the start of the clock they pick one up and drag it 100 feet through a set of cones in a straight line.

    2.Once they get to the end they lay down the hose then pickup a fellow firefighter and one man rescue drag them back to the beginning through the cones in a straight line.

    3. After the rescue Then they run around the cones set up in a zigzag formation back to the end of the hose.

    4. Pick up the hose nozzle and knock a cone off of a bucket about 50 feet away.

    2 seconds if they knock over a cone, 5 seconds if they don't get the downed firefighter all the way across the finish line. 2 seconds if they knock the bucket over also. 10 seconds if they lose control of the hose (not gonna have it charged more than around 80)

    So what do you guys think, is it good, should i change the order? thought about doing the rescue last? should i add or subtract something? more than one cone, ehhh throw some ideas at me. Also help me make sure i'm not teaching bad habits.

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    Just me personally, but I'm not a big fan of this type of drill. Too many injuries from "competative" drills like this. I've worked in both a part-time volunteer as well as career department. In my 17 years of experience it's just been a recipe for twisted ankles and hurt backs. Our members tend to be very type A and will burn past the warning signs that scream slow down and be careful when a stopwatch in running.

    Good luck though. You know your people best.

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    I like the idea, sounds like fun, but agree with SLCfireguy also. As he stated though, you know your people best.

    Just from my perspective, I don't really see the cones in a straight line staying that way when they are weaving a charged hose line through them. The hose is gonna straighten out when it's being pulled on and knock the cones over. If they do stay up I don't think it's a good idea to be rescue dragging a dummy back through the cones over the charged hose line either. Maybe do a triangle shape instead of a out and back to avoid this. Just my opinion though.

    Overall though, I'm sure your guys appreciate you mixing things up and throwing some competitive spirit into their training.
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