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    Default This is the type of leadership we really don't need

    The hits just keep on coming. Talk about one screwed up administration. The Fire Commissioner and the Mayor seem to have little if any respect for the city's firefighters. They don't even consider working with the firefighters, they're just saying " I'm in charge and you mean nothing and your opinions are worthless.

    My son showed me his new boots and I must say they're the most flimsy things I've seen since the early 70's.

    When individuals tried to talk me out of retiring, I told them, things are only going to get worse and apparently I was right. It was a sad day when I retired but I pray everyday for the firefighters (especially my son) and police officers of the city who march on through so much adversity, yet still keep their dedication to da job and the residents.



    This is just the tip of the iceberg but Detroit definately is in the running for the the most inept administrators and governing body in the U.S.
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