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Thread: Asking a huge favor regarding bunker pants

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    Default Asking a huge favor regarding bunker pants

    Wasn't sure where to post this so I placed this here but feel free to move it.

    I have a new member on my department that states she is serious about getting into firefighting. My problem is our department has a very limited budget for new equipment including PPE and we can't afford to purchase her new gear and have her leave because she discovers it is actually not something she wants to do.

    So what I am hoping for is a cheap or donated pair of bunker pants for her to use for training and then once we find out she is serious we will purchase her new gear. We have a jacket that fits her but not pants. The smallest pants we have are waist 28 and inseam 28 or 30 I forget which.

    I am looking for anything close to the following size: waist 27 and inseam 22.

    I realize the inseam is essentially asking for a miracle.

    Or if someone has a solution on how to trim away at least 6 inches I am all ears. Anybody know if someone will actually touch bunker pants to be hemmed?

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    Just find some activities for her to do in a coat, SCBA. You can have her try to vent a roof prop with an axe on ladder, swing a sledge at a tire, advance a charged hoseline in a non fire scenario, pull and flake out pre connects, open a hydrant, start a saw or a fan, you get the picture. Most likely she will as well. Then you'll know if you need to commit to getting her some pants.
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    Training gear. I was in size 40 pants. I wear a 36 in bunkers now that fit properly. Pull suspenders way up.

    Here is the solutions I would say without putting her in big gear. 1. Either buy the pants. And if she doesn't workout hope you can use them for someone else later. Or this maybe an option. Any depts close have explorer programs? See if one of them possible has pants in her size. Or what they do for the younger explorers for gear.
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    Keep watching here. Somebody might have some. I would offer you some, but we've never had an oompa-loompa as a member!

    I feel your pain. Everybody has good gear, and then your Larry Bird quits and your next new guy is Cee-Lo.
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    We have had several sets of bunker gear refurbished (which included alterations) in the past by either the manufacturer or a local cleaner who also offers alteration services.
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    Can you just cuff the bunker pants on the inside with some duct tape?? An inch or two bigger in the waist shouldn't be a problem either. Just try and make your smallest pair fit for now, until you can find another set. As long as she isn't actually fighting fire it'll be okay to be a bit baggy. Hell, that's the fashion now anyway.

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    There's gear salesmen and company's that clean gear that can alter it as well.. I'd ask whoever sells you your gear.. They should be able to point you in the right direction

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