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    Default Paramedic Training Info

    Hows everyone . Posted this in hopes of a current Medic responding with some advise as to what you had the most difficulty with in your course and what a Medic student should do prior to taking the course ...

    A little info on me ..
    -Currently working in a BLS Rig and as a set medic (BLS).
    -I live in Los Angles CA .
    -Taking A&P as we speak .
    -Targeting on getting into the Fire Service .
    -Clean record .
    -Not a great student . But I get the work done.
    -Planing on taking my Medic course over at UCLA or worst case scenario NCTI
    -Already enrolled in the PRE Medic Course at UCLA (only a 9 day course)

    Any advice would be awesome ! Thanks for taking the time to read my post .

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    Working while doing clinicals AND going to school was the hardest. Study your drugs and know them COLD. Every chance you get to do intubation do it, it is harder that you think. " Got my *** kicked getting a airway on a 450 pounder the other day"

    Ask lots of questions, when your doing clinicals get in good with the ER docs, you can learn alot by talking to them.
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    OK, well I am currently a paramedic in NY, and an Army medic for the guard. You wanna know what the hardest thing in school was? BLS skills...

    You should know your drugs, and not just what you carry but know lots more. The more you know the less you have to look up in the back of a rig

    don't worry about intubations, you'll do more than enough in class to become competent, however, use different blades and practice in different positions. Don't get set into doing it one way cause one day your favorite blade is gonna not function and you'll have to use a different one and if you don't know how.... you're screwed.

    Some of the older EMS personnel that you'll run into will disagree but the old school ways are most definitely out. A lot of the advanced techniques are super cool to learn but you don't use them as often as you would think. In four years (not Army) I've intubated around 15 people. You just dont see it as much anymore and not everyone needs a tube. If you can manage an airway and provide quality ventilation's with a BLS maneuver there is zero point in moving up the ladder. The things we are taught are to be used when BLS measures have failed, not because you need practice or you feel like doing it. There are some calls where yes maybe you do skip a BLS adjunct and go straight for a tube but many people forget that even a manual maneuver can open most airways.

    A&P is a must!!!! Know your stuff, cardiology, chemistry, organ systems, BLOOD!!, brain, CNS ext..
    this is a building block and if you know the human body then the less learning you will have in medic class. Above all and I can't stress this enough... be a good EMT before going because if you're not you'll find out quickly you don't belong.

    Good luck to you, any questions shoot them at me and I'll be glad to help.
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    Thanks for the info. Deff going to use the info you both provided to get that course out the way and start working on a ALS rig

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