Electrical Fire Hits Maine Paper Mill
A Bucksport fire crew also responded to a report of smoke at Verso around 11:15 Friday morning, Bowden said. By the time they arrived, Verso workers had discovered the smoke originated at a distressed mechanical belt at Tower 7, a woodyard conveyor. Verso's crew had taken care of the issue, and there was no fire.

Today's departments are seriously undermanned not only in prevention but also in suppression. Utilize your community. Take a look at your target areas and locations and recruit citizens/employees to be "axillary firefighters." Use grant money to equipped them with fire extinguishers, conduct training programs to teach them to PREVENT the fire, REACT to contain or extinguish the fire, EGRESS the area if needed.

When short staffed engine companies then arrive on scene they are met with resources to assit and not hinder the operation, and a situation that may be more easily managed.