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    I am beginning an intern with a station I ride with every now and then is there some guidelines for how I should behave around the station. I clean bathrooms and floors, dishes and trucks all that stuff I'm always trying to be first on it. Other than that any advice on how to act, what to do. Etc
    I know probies have certain duties like lawn care among others i fell like that's something I could to make the crew feel comfortable with me

    Any help appreciated

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    Ask your crew what you can do to help. They will be glad to let you know what needs doing around the station.

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    Consider yourself a guest in their home and act as such. You can also go overboard and become annoying or "brown noser" for lack of a better term. You really have to get a feel for the people and routine to know where you fit in. Ask questions during training, show enthusiasm, help out during "off duty" department sanctioned events, if you have a special skill use that to make the station/operations better. Follow the cues of senior men and ask those you have a relationship with. You really just need to pay attention and see/feel where you need to be. A hard fast rule - if a senior man or officer has a cleaning tool in their hand and you don't - you're wrong! Good luck, remember why you chose the fire service, and love it more tomorrow as you did today, and you'll be ok!

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    Great effort for informative shearing. I am btech 3rd student in IT stream with 74% i would like to do an internship in software field as internship location can anyone help me through which i could get a internship with duration maximum-3months and minimum-1month.
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