I am making FREE custom fire helmet shields for any firefighter interested. We are in hopes that you will make a donation to help orphans have forever homes. My wife and I are trying to raise money for families that are interested in adopting children but the financial cost of is too much to afford. I currently work with a firefighter who took a loan out for $30,000 to adopt there son and cannot think of adopting another child because they will paying off the loan until the child is 17. We want to change that for families. Children deserve good homes and money should not be anything to stand in the way of a good family wanting to welcome them into their home. Of course there is NO obligation to donate/ you are more than welcome to just request a free shield. Please check out our site for more information. 100% of all money donate will go toward the family not supplies to make the shields, all products to make the shields will be at my cost, if out of state we will need you pay shipping charges. BrotherhoodShields.com