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Thread: Mapping Program to Mark Hydrants

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    Default Mapping Program to Mark Hydrants

    We are looking for a way to mark Fire Hydrants in our response area on a map. I know there are some mobile phone apps and such out there, but I am looking for something a little different.

    Basically, I want to be able to drive around in my vehicle with a laptop and a GPS (connected laptop via USB port) and while driving I want to be able to hit a button (maybe space bar or something) that will automatically mark that spot on a map that I can later go back and look at. But, I also want to be able to get the coordinates for the hydrant to export to something that ISO can use to import onto their maps.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or know of something (preferably free or VERY cheap)?


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    how many fire hydrants???

    find someone in your city, county, state government, local college, a freindly business that does gis and have them or help them map out the fire hydrants, maybe for free

    college project, friendly business that wants to help, goverment employee that likes the fd, etc.
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    Get out there and learn where they and where they aren't. You can do this by going out and cutting the grass or weeds away from them.
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    For mapping - the GIS thing is a very good possibility. In fact, it may have already been done by the water department.

    For location familiarity, COT is right on the mark. Nothing like pulling up to where you think there's a plug, but not being able to find it behind a fence, wall, or hedge.

    If the water department has already mapped the hydrants out, they probably have also mapped out the sizes and routing of the mains - information you won't find out by cutting the brush around them, and information that could be crucial for the "big one."

    It's also possible that rated flow may be noted on GIS maps.
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    Our county GIS service also handles this for us. We can access them all by adding a layer to our maps in the CAD program on the MDTs.
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    Just another option for you. We couldn't afford nor justify buying a laptop for each rig. So Ipad's it was along with the App. "Extinguish". Havent had an issue yet. Also alows you to "pre load" PDF Pre plans on and address. They also take feed back really well.

    When I first started to demo it you could only "mark" where a Hydrant was. I wanted to also be able to make it show up in different Colors on the map. That way you knew what pressure a hydrant was putting out before you even got on scene.

    No i do not work for them or receive any compensation. Just throwing out what we did.

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    Check out Anywhere GIS (see )

    Costs only $10 and runs on Android phones. It allows you to collect data in the field (including GPS coordinates) and edit it using Google documents. The file can then be imported into ESRI or Google Maps to create a map.

    It works!

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