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    Default Physical training program?

    Greetings all,

    I'm not actually a firefighter or part of the industry, but driving home from work the other day I look in an engine bay at the local station and see a huge weight setup, and have seen many others like it from the outside in other stations. I'm a personal trainer, and have been thinking about approaching some local stations to see if they already have a trainer/program/may be allowed or interested to have a trainer in their station. I was hoping for some input from the community on if the regulations would allow for an outside trainer to work in station, if stations usually have/would be open to this. And especially what would your physical goals out of a training program, I would assume absolute strength and power most of all for occasions of emergency need, and what programs might you have in place already in your station?

    Id really appreciate any input you guys can give me! I'd really like to see what I can do to help the firefighting community.

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    Not all stations but most already have a physical training program. If you go to some volly departments you may have some luck. I guess it would depend on what u bring to the table. Nutrition would be a biggy and certainly cardio but strength training isn't really the goal, not saying there is no heavy weight training but they aim for endurance. Firefighting takes a lot of energy and people not in shape get exhusted quickly. So if your platform is geared towards endurance and teaching people what to eat and why I think departments will be receptive. As emergency responders we are far behind the curve is keeping our employees healthy.

    Good luck sir
    Theres only one simple truth in this business...we are all going to lose someone

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