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    Default San Fran H2 question...

    If you're hired with SFFD as an H2, but hold a medic card will you work as an EMT or a FF/medic right away? Or is the medic rank a promotable spot so to speak? Can you work as a medic in different positions..ie Driver, Lieutanate, Tillerman..ect? also is the ambulance primarally filled by single function medics or will a FF/Medic work on the ambulance also? Thanks to anyone with answeres to any of my many questions! I really appriciate it.

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    My understanding is that every recruit is trained in all positions. Tiller, Driver, Firefighter, EMT, etc etc. However, the EMTP's that are hired as EMTP's stay in that role unless promoted to a Medic Captain or something. I've never worked with a Medic working there as an EMTP crossover to be the Driver or Tiller..etc during their shift.

    The EMT's and Medics who work specifically on the SFFD ambulance are separate from the firefighters. Their ambulance apparatus are not stationed inside the fire houses.
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