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    Default Alternative Solutions for Knox Box Master Key Retention

    I was wondering if anyone is using or has any ideas for a way to secure Knox Box keys other than purchasing something like "KeySecure" or "Sentralok" from Knox Box. Currently our department keeps one master key on each vehicle in the department in an unsecured location (usually just floating around the vehicle along with a fuel key for the town garage). By my count, we have about 12-13 vehicles that are outfitted with Knox Box keys at any given time (plus or minus a new ambulance and a new service truck). A system like KeySecure would probably be an ideal solution, but at a cost of about $500/unit, I don't know if the department can afford $6000 for this type of system.

    I was thinking we might be able to install a small box on each vehicle and lock it with a key provided only to our drivers (so that at the very least the keys would not be accessible to anyone who entered the fire house or who walked by our trucks), but this would not allow for access code logs to track key usage. Also, in our combination fire department, we sometimes have drivers pick up apparatus at various times of the day/night and I would hate for someone to not have their key on them and not be able to access a Knox Box because of it. You would also run into the problem of firefighters losing their keys.

    Any ideas?

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    Our inexpensive fix to this situation was to purchase a MasterLock 5401D for the Knox Box master key. It works great for our staffing and response situations.
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    We mount a key box with a dial pad on it in the rig, we attach the knox box key to the cover. The box we use is similar to this one http://www.handlesets.com/ge-securit...FegWMgodriwApw. Everyone on the dept is issued the code to open the key box.

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    We do the exact same thing that 187 does, and by the way not so many keys. Set the combo to something of significance that your guys would remember- like your year of incorporation or something like that.
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