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    Quote Originally Posted by Rescue 2 Training View Post
    I think that you are confusing the critical point test with a whistle test. So it may be a matter of terminology. I looked through a few pages of a google search of "rope rescue whistle test" and all of the disparate sources have roughly the same definition.

    What term do you use to describe the rigging wherein if everybody were to let go, the load does not drop to the ground?
    Yep. You are correct. I was confused. Critical point is what I was thinking of. It's hell to get old.....or so I've heard....LOL


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    I came across this bit of text that gives some definitions.
    Zone 3 Technical Rescue Manual
    Rope Rescue

    Source Location:
    The pdf is a good read.

    Critical Point Test:
    A Critical Point Test requires that rope system in its entirety is looked at to
    insure that the failure of any one part of the rope system, either human or
    equipment, will not result in a total system failure (dominoe effect). A Critical
    Point Test can be performed by asking “What if” type of questions in regard to the rope system, such as “What would happen if the Track Line failed”, or
    “What would happen if the Main Line anchor failed”.
    Whistle Test:
    The passing of a Whistle Test means that if in theory at any point a whistle
    were blown which signals all personnel to “let go” of the rope or equipment
    that they are operating, nothing catastrophic will occur to the live load that is
    depending on the rope systems for their safety. Some examples of
    equipment that allow passing of a Whistle Test are the use of a Belay Line
    and Prusiks that will capture the load if the team operating the Main Line
    slips and lets go of the Main Line while hauling up the live load, or a tandem
    Prusik on a Load Release Hitch situated towards the load on a Control Line
    lowering operation utilizing a Brake Bar Rack in the event a Track Line fails
    and imparts an impact load to the Control Line.

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    NZLSAR (New Zeland guys) have a great definition of the Critical Point Test;

    The critical point test examines whether or not a failure of any one component would result in a total system failure with ensuing catastrophic outcome. If critical points are found, they should be analysed to see if they need to be eliminated by a redundant component, backed up or accepted.
    I like this because it lets common sense, risk vs. benefit and our skills as technical rescuers overcome a noted weak point in the system; if you are weary of an anchor for example you can add redundancy (my least favorite), back up the anchor (such as a tieback) or accept the risk to perform the mission.

    What is doesn't mean is that since you have a bombproof anchor, that you would assume the anchor would fail and need a redundancy. Or that you need two of everything. Trust in your equipment, the human factor is always the weak link in the system anyhow.
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