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    Default Call Mapping Using Google Maps & Street View

    Hi everyone,

    Our dispatch center recently added the capability to send call information to an email address or as a text message. I've been experimenting with using the information in the email to automatically map out driving directions, show aerial imagery, and even a shot of the building in Google Steet View. We haven't had a lot of time to try it yet, but it seems to work pretty well. We have this auto-updating on a monitor in the truck bay next to our call-in system display. It can also be accessed by member's smartphones if they so desire. Still a work in progress but I thought I'd pass along some of the details for anyone else who'd like to try it:



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    Boy this is a project, but I'll give it a go. Our town has nothing, no maps, no GIS department, none of that fancy stuff.. So i'll have to start from square 1... It would be offly nice to have the service in the truck though.
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