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    Default FPand S Grant - Code Compliance

    Hello all,

    We are going to be submitting for a new code compliance program. We are going to start inspecting and doing more iwth our city for safety in senior residence and new builds. Has anyone had success with a new code program and the FP grant? If so can you either share narrative, experience or any helpful hints?

    Thank you


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    I'm working on a very similar project. Currently the inspections and code enforcement is assigned to a city building inspector. I would like to move that toward our fire district and with any luck, convince our board to apply some codes to the entire district. The city's "building inspector" does a less than satisfactory job, to say the least.

    A recent fire that killed 5 people in an apartment building with jack for protection (small town, no codes to enforce) got some interest in this going. While they had a fire alarm system, it was taken out of service nearly a decade ago due to malicious pulls. The smoke alarm system was smoke detectors in each unit, but weren't tied in. The scary part is we have identical apartments in our town and in the same condition.

    My biggest issue at this point is where to start. I know I want to look at a minimum of a tablet computer and software for code inspection and preplanning. That way I can get our guys out doing it and give us the ability to not only do code inspections, but also safety inspections. With the software I'm looking at, I can customize it to have home safety inspections, wildfire/FIREWISE inspections (which has been a big push around here the last few years), as well as the code-related stuff.

    Then I have figure out how to address the fact we have no copies of any codes. The City has a copy of NFPA 101 they adopted several years ago, but the fire district has jack.

    After 18+ months on hiaitis from the grant world, I need to get back to writing. This should be a good opportunity.

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