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    Default ISG Elite XR Problems

    Over the last month we have been having some issues with our TICs. At our last few fires after some use our TICs freeze up and the screen gets all distorted and once that happens we cant even power down the TIC. We end up having to remove the battery to power down the unit. As soon as we replace the battery the TIC works great but then once the battery wears down the same things happens. We have NiMH batteries as well as a few AA batteries that we use and we have the same issues with both battery types. I am wondering if anyone else is having these same issues?

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    Since I posted this yesterday we are now having problems with image quality in general. The screen will flash and then there is really no image and just a grey screen.

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    I was having the same problem with our recently it was sent back to ISG they stated the detector is bad inside the camera and it was going to be over 1,500 to repair, I was already 700 bucks in already with the other repairs that were being made. I just had the camera sent back
    Stephen A McDaniels
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