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    Default Rookie training book

    One of my POC FDs is considering a Rookie Training Book that would have the training requirements that must be met during their rookie year. I was wondering if anyone here had a book or schedule set up. We have always done our inhouse training, as well as requiring the state Entry Level and Firefighter 1 courses. But some officers have discussed having a more formal training standard and a means of making sure that each new firefighter reaches the milestones that we consider important during that first year.

    I am not so much interested in copying your standards as much as I am looking for a format. If someone has something like that I would appreciate it if you would share it so I don't have to re-invent the wheel.

    Thanks for your help.
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    PM sent 7 8 9 10 f-ing character minimum!

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    We utilize a checksheet.

    The skills can be signed off by either a Senior Firefighter or an officer.

    As discussed before, it is composed of selected Firefighter I & Firefighter II skills that are applicable in our operations and response area.

    They must also complete a computer-based FFI program, CPR, complete NIMS 100 and 200 and pass a 50-question test to come off probation and reach the rank of Firefighter.

    For those not wishing to wear SCBA or operate interior, the SCBA and interior burn components are waived, but the remainder of the sheet must be completed.
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    Drop me a PM with your email and I'll send you the last two years of our rookie book. That way you can see the changes we made and what direction we are going with it. We hire pretrained IFSAC FFII's with EMT-B, through the dozens of fire academy's in the state. By the end of your rookie's first year, he becomes a releif driver, able to step up into driver's status.
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    If you've already established certain training (FFI/II, EMT, etc), or like FL, get your people pre-trained, the focus of your book/checklist should be the stuff that applies chiefly to your department/area - apparatus and the equipment therein, territory and special hazards, SOP's, specific additional training.

    Once you've come up with your document, run a few veteran members through it, at least as a tabletop exercise. That'll help eliminate the "what about's" and "why's that there" items.
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    I don't have a copy of ours, but its a work book of practical knowledge and skills. Essentially, its nice you know the state's way of fighting fire, but answer questions on the lay out of our apparatus, our SOGs, and then perform evolutions with your company or individual skills. The officer has to sign off on it. Such as hose carried on your assigned engine, the use of each, when would you pull one over the other. Various hydrant hook ups if we are laying in vs laying out, how to do both, and when to do both.

    I think it serves as a training tool for the recruits, but also helps the officers and senior firefighters to make sure they cover everything that the new recruit needs. Let's admit, there is a lot to learn once you get in company and it may be the officer's first rookie, or with the current fiscal climate first rookie in a few years a few prompts could be good.

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    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are looking for, but if it is something to track what the rookie is doing something like the Task books we use in wildland fire might work for you.


    I don't have an example of a structure oriented task book for you, but I have seen the concept used by a few departments. The nice thing with a document like this, is multiple trainers can quickly look at a firefighters taskbook to see what skills need to be covered which can help theme a training session (vent, hose evolutions / fire attack, rescue etc). It also provides a way for the rookie to see where they are and help (pester) training officials work on uncovered or weak areas.

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    We have one, I will work on getting you a copy. The classes and book are designed for our operations. Both on scene and day to day stuff.

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