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    Default Required to Maintain

    I have a question that was asked of me a while back from a department that i know in a neighboring state..

    If they are awarded a piece of apparatus (Pumper), how many years are they required to keep or maintain the apparatus?

    With that question asked, don't go jumping on me about ungrateful departments and underfunded this or that!!!! Im just asking a question that was asked of me by a department that has no equipment from AFG or any outside grants. They are still new to the game and I have never even thought of that question myself, so I asked....

    thank youin advance for any quality answers you may give me, they are greatly appreciated!!!!

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    In theory, anything bought has to be kept for the life of the equipment, but I do know of trucks that were sold after 5+ years because of funding issues, either economic or weather-related, causing the department to be more than broke and needing dough fast. Selling a newer truck is the only way sometimes if everything else the FD owns is over 20. Supposedly things are to be given back to the feds if no longer needed by the grantee, but haven't really heard of that being enforced.

    But if it's under 5 years, there will most likely be issues. Since the taxpayers put 80-95% of the money up, they'll want that to come back into the pot.

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    Thank you very much!!! I appreciate your help!!!

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