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    Default Has anyone heard of this outfit ??

    Hello All
    Has any one heard of an outfit called Emeriate Response Services?, have sent of resume to these folks as they are soliciting for various FD positions.
    They have been awarded a 240Mil contract for the UAE. Would just like to know if any one has any experience with these folks (Pay, Leave ETc.).

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    Ive heard of them, thinking about putting a resume in. I hadn't heard they had already gotten a contract. Id like to know what kind of pay they plan to offer as well as there certification requirements.

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    Default Pay???

    What's the pay looking like?

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    ERS is a joint venture of an emirates investment group and assetco. They were awarded the contract in Abu Dhabi a year ago. Originally it was for 9 bases supplying an ARFF response to the UAE Airforce. They are either expanding to more, or filling the other bases, since you can't expect to start up 9 bases all at once.
    Pay is similar to what you would expect on any DOD contract, that is not in a war zone. Since assetco is a company from the UK, I would think experience in the position that your applying for is what they want to see. International certifications, DOD, IFSAC, Proboard can help, but I think if you have already held positions of authority, and can manage a shift crew or station captain, it will be just as good.

    If your an expat looking for a firefighter job, this is not for you. The firefighter positions are Filipino. The pay for them will be what you would expect for a FN labor force. The key expat positions are fire trainers and base commanders/captains. So if you haven't any experience as an station captain or higher, or in training, you won't have the experience they need. Since you will be working with many FN who will need guidance, training, and leadership.
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