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Thread: Webbing - Looped vs Water Knot

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    Quote Originally Posted by CATruckie81 View Post
    The only rebuttle i can think of to the "so what?" argument is shock loading. I know that on a day to day basis there aren't alot of applications, but thats not what we carry that equipment for right? We carry all that stuff in our pockets for when we really need it, and if you can save 20% in strength, why not? Now having said that, i have all my gear in water knots as well, but the discussion regarding the sewn webbing makes me think...

    I don't know, anyone else out there on the same wavelength, or am I in over my head here?
    So let me see if I have this right...You rebut my "So what" by claiming shock loading, then turn around and say you do exactly as I do. Um, yeah, Gotcha!
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    You didn't get anything brotha, but maybe the idea that the percentage decrease becomes a little more relevant is something to pay attention to when you use your webbing for something other than hoisting a tool, like an anchor for a rope system. Just something to think about, we should all be open to constantly re-evaluating the way we operate in the fire service.
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