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Thread: **major incident** webster, ny.

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    The town has had a tough year. In Dec. 2011 a 15 year old set fire to his house killing his father and two brothers. Webster is a village/town surburb of Rochester. They aren't tiny, but aren't very big either. They aren't used to violence. Between the arson fire last year, and the murder and injuring of 4 firemen this year, the entire town is having a tough time. I feel for all the firemen, but the town as a whole too. 2 unspeakable acts of violence in just over a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tree68 View Post
    The two injured brothers also came to the school today to pay their respects.
    Reading this put a giant lump in my throat. That is inspiring, sad, beautiful, gut wrenching and pure class all rolled into one.

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    This site has lots of info and photos from the Funerals. One of the wounded works for my dept. we had about 260 at calling hours, with 100 or so having to work during those times not to bad .

    Heres the link. http://mcfw.com/
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    I attended the calling hours on Saturday Dec. 29th and the feeling of brotherhood present there was overwhelming. I will say Tree68's assessment of the number of people present was dead on if not a little conservative. I estimated the line was about a mile long with firefighters standing 3-5 wide. When the announcement was made that our injured brothers were arriving by ambulance everyone got quiet. It was truely amazing. I saw vehicles from all over NY and areas of surrounding states. The weather that day wasnt the best for driving and people still came out.

    FF Mike Chiapparini and FF Tomasz Kaczowka, May you rest in peace brothers, you will not be forgotten.
    Shawn M. Cecula
    IACOJ Division of Fire and EMS

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    It's now being reported that the shooter may have been upset because donations were made to the West Webster FD in memory of his mother.

    Maybe he wanted the money for himself?

    Sometimes you just don't know.
    Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

    Everyone goes home. Safety begins with you.

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