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    Default R.I.P. Webster Brothers

    Just heard that two Webster, NY FD members were killed this morning and two others are fighting for their lives. God speed to you brothers, you served your community well. My thoughts and prayers are also with the two wounded brothers, fight hard and recover. To the families and the rest of the Wedbster department, know that the entire fire and public safety community have you all in their prayers.

    This senseless violence has to stop.

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    Fireground Audio from this call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...v=b7VXwnyAvp8#!

    Its really sad for me... 4 fireman shot, including himself, and he still reported the working fire, then later on gives a report that multiple dwelling's are off at this time... I don't know if i'd be able to do it...
    Firefighter 1/ PA EMT-B

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    Shooter reported to be a convicted felon who served 18 years in prison for killing his grandmother - with a hammer.

    I'm pretty sure folks from the Webster area were here when an EMT was shot and killed several years ago. Now it looks like we're headed in their direction for the same purpose.
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