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    Default Waiting for a sign this is it. Find your strong!

    'When you want to succeed as bad, as you want breathe then you will be successful!'

    Lose weight, increase performance, endurance, confidence
    Circuit workouts 6-9 stations
    Push through. How bad do you want it.
    Wanting to finish the workout but your so winded, few deep breathes, continue!

    Many are out of shape. How can you let yourself get this way. IT'S EASY!
    Pain, Work, Exhaustion are not. Results are you what you want. TAKE ACTION!!

    I'm using this to motivate myself, hope it will help some of you. We are never finished fitness is lifelong. Don't ever stop for a month! Does not always have to be the harder workout. Myself I have days I would be lazy and relax, get out do a mini workout. What are you doing to make yourself better?



    It's hard to get motivations. Find a partner and do it together. You do not need a gym!
    Push-ups, sit-ups, squat, pull-ups, squat jumps, sprints, long jogs with breathers.

    Good luck, Merry Christmas

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    Not sure how you all feel about getting back into the gym. I'm training for hard charge wichita,ks

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