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    Default Oahu Volunteer Departments

    Hey need some help-

    I am moving to Oahu to get my EMT training and want to get affiliated with a volunteer department while attending school but am having trouble finding info on volunteer departments there. We have plenty on the big island and I know they must have them there? If anyone has any info that would be great! Thanks for your time.

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    I'm thinking Honolulu County (Oahu) is all career staffed. Contact their PIO.
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    Honolulu Fire Department is full paid and covers the whole island. Your only option to keep EMT skills current would be to get a position (paid) with the city's Emergency Medical Services division.


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    Just curious .......

    Are you unable to take EMT on the island you are on now? Do they not offer any locally?
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    No not really... Sometimes the colleges on Maui and Kauai offer the course, and I have heard that the college here on the big island can offer EMT programs too, but they are still sponsored by the school on Oahu (Kapiolani C.C.), and they are offered few and far between. Your best bet is just to go there and get your schooling.
    This is unfortunate because it would be great to volunteer with a department to keep up on my fire skills while attending EMT school...

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