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    Post Local Departments ISO ratings

    I am not sure where to post this thread so here it will be.

    I am looking to find out the ISO ratings of all of the fire departments in my county. I would like to say that I can just ask them but I know from experience that is not necessarily reliable, unfortunately. I have contacted several local insurance agents and none of them have access to that, they just plug the numbers into a computer program and viola, a calculation that somewhere along the line used the ISO rating but nothing to tell them what it is. Does anyone have experience getting these numbers from ISO directly or another means that might be helpful. I would think that this would be considered "public information" regardless of weather or not I ask for it from ISO directly or the individual departments? Any experience in this area would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Give Iso a call


    Fire officials and other community officials should call ISO at 1-800-444-4554, selection 2, for help with the PPC information we have for their communities.

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    I have found that independent insurance agents (those not tied to any particular insurance company), usually have an ISO listing for the communities they sell insurance to.

    These independent insurance agents sometimes are able to provide insurance through multiple companies and look for the best "deal" for you, by comparing rates.

    Check with some of the independent insurance agents (listed in the phone book yellow pages under "insurance") and inquire for a listing there.

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