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    Default Do You Have a Game Plan for Becoming a Firefighter in 2013?

    Do You Have a Game Plan for Becoming a Firefighter in 2013?

    What is YOUR game plan for obtaining a firefighter job this year? Are you looking at your strengths and weaknesses? Are you looking at how to improve on your weaknesses? What are your strengths? Is the written test your strength? Is the oral interview your weakness? Have you done well on the written and oral and failed the psychological? Are you not scoring well enough on the physical agility exam?

    You have to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What do I need to improve on and how do I do that?”

    If it’s the oral interview, are you practicing in front of a mirror? Are you practicing with a tape recorder? Are you practicing what your answers will be? Have you gone through oral interviews in the past and some of the questions have stumped you? Are you writing those questions down and trying to improve how you will answer those questions that could possibly be presented to you on the next oral interview? Go to the link below for oral interview strategies:

    On the written exam, what are your weaknesses? Is your weakness mathematics? Reading comprehension? Maps and mechanical? Inductive or Deductive Reasoning? If it’s reading comprehension, are you taking practice examinations with reading comprehension? If it’s mathematics, are you practicing with the basic mathematics skills and working through the step-by-step procedure to solve the problem? Are you working with word problems? Have you gone over mechanical strategies? Are you continually taking firefighter practice examinations to help build your confidence and conquer those weaknesses? Just two or three questions on an exam usually separate individuals in the top 10 from individuals all the way down in the 50s and 60s range on the eligibility list. Go to the link below for test-taking strategies:

    Are you just winging it on the physical agility? Are you getting yourself in shape? We have physical agility strategies available on our website that you can review and put yourself in the position to pass the exam or if it’s scored, to be in the top percentile. Go to the link below for some physical agility strategies:

    Are you taking enough exams? Are you not taking an exam because the rumor on the street is that they are only hiring 1 or 2, when actually by the time the eligibility list expires, they have hired 5 or 6 and you have been left out? You never know when a firefighter decides that he/she is going to retire. It might be due to an illness or a family concern. Or maybe it’s just that they have put in over 30 years and have decided to move on and enjoy life. You have to take as many tests as possible. Yes, sometimes it can be expensive and those entry fees can add up. You have to view that money spent as an investment in your career.

    Finally, the bottom line is – how bad do you want it? Do you sort of want it? Do you kind of want it? Or do you really want this to happen in 2013? That’s the question you must ask yourself. Are you willing to sacrifice, putting the time in to practice the written exam, practice your oral skills, practice the physical agility? Are you the type of person that decides they better get practicing when they realize they have an oral exam in a week? Or are you preparing a month or to prior to that time and just fine-tuning that last seven days? You have to really want it. It will take your sacrifice, at times your family’s sacrifice, but think about it – when you are done with this, you will have reached a goal where 99% of firefighters hired are never laid off. How many jobs across the country can say that? You will have a job where every day you will love going into work – how many people can say that about their current job?

    We wish you the best of luck in 2013!

    Assistant Chief Brent Collins, Cleveland Fire Dept.
    Firehouse.com Entry Level Contributor Author since 2002

    e-mail : dmfireschool@aol.com
    Phone - 1-800-989-FIRE
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