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    Default New to the Volunteer Fire Service and have a few questions

    Hello all, I'm 16 years old and I just got voted into a Volunteer Fire Company as a Jr Firefighter and I'm wondering what training courses/classes i should take to prepare for the rest of my firefighting career.

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    You don't say what state you're from, so I can only generalize here... but I'll give you some great advice to take with you through your career. Obviously you need the basics first, and as you go through life, you'll find that when things go bad on the fireground, everything falls back to the basics. At a minimum, right now, get your state's Essentials of Firefighting done, Hazmat Ops, and a First Aid/CPR course. Probably the best answer I could give you is you should be asking your officers what they want you to take.

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    Thank you! I actually talked to my company's training officer and he told me what I could take and what i should take

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