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    Default Fire base EMS corps

    Hello all,
    I apologize if this has been discussed before I have not found what I'm looking for yet. My question is does anyone have an EMS corps in their department? I'm trying to write up an argument complete with purpose, training, PPE required etc so that my vollie department may start an EMS corps. The primary role of this corps would be to have people that would regularly respond on EMS runs. Right now depending on time of day (we do have a 0700-1700 daytime crew of two), weather, and planet alignment my department may be lucky to have two firefighters respond to an EMS run. I have been on scene multiple times where it is just me and the local private ambulance to respond. So my idea is to have a corps have people who actively respond on EMS that may not be so keen on fire attack. These people would routinely roll our rescue, be trained in extrication, set up rehab on fire scenes, and of course have an EMR cert or above. I would also like to see these individuals be "on duty" just like our duty officer so that we could have a good response to calls. The responders would have jump bags and radios like we currently issue our active EMRs that way even if they don't roll a truck then we have tools still on scene ready to go. So does anyone have this on their current department or is this too far "out of the box"?

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    Oil and water.

    We run EMS "first responder" ahead of the local not-for-profit independent ambulance. We have people who would only attend such a call if they were the patient, for a number of reasons, ranging from not being able to deal with the usual messes (body fluids) to just being philsophically opposed to fire doing EMS.

    We don't have a separate "corps." Everyone who runs the calls is a line firefighter who also has some EMS training.
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    We run side by side engine and medic or ambulance on 90% of our EMS runs, no first responders. The job is becoming more and more about EMS, having a dedicated EMS corps. in your dept. (based on your EMS call volume) may not be a bad idea. Maybe getting a mini pumper, or a EMS buggy may make the position more appealing or increase responses, the gear the used here is EMSRESCUE by globe. Try sending your Suppression pieces on EMS runs to act as the first responders and to get your crews used to running on EMS calls more often, or you could give the new EMT members more of an EMS role for a certain amount of time, then let them go fire suppression, that how my buddy's fire dept. does it, even if they join as a Firefighter 1 or 2. Hope this helped.

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    While we have some departments around me that have a seperation (some are even seperate entities) of fire and first responders, my department has an informal seperation.

    I don't hesitate to put on people who want nothing to do with going in a fire but don't mind running EMS. I also don't mine putting on people who don't want to respond to EMS, but want to help with fires. Hell, even have guys that want to do nothing but drive a tanker.

    Everyone recieves the same pages (some departments seperate, with some recieving both or things like MVA's going to both sides). If it's a fire call, the EMS folks help with rehab and things like that, which is nice.

    We're small enough (25 personnel) that I hate turning away anyone that wants to help and is capable of doing so.

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    We run a fire department based ALS transport ambulance service.
    Most of our EMS folks are dual role. The same cannot be said for the hose holder side of the house, who tend to only respond when it involves car crashes or we request lifting assistance. Even though 83 % of the departments call volume is EMS they want to be the FF heros only. Around here being a FF is easy duty compared to the EMS job.
    I say this as a long time dual role EMT-I/ FF.

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    Fairly common in my area to have completely separate EMS agency and Fire Department. And there is a decent percentage of members that belong to both. To me, makes life easier. Those that only want to do EMS join that agency. Those that only want to do fire join that agency. Those that like both....both.

    Becoming more common in my area now....paid EMS that is run through PD. Mostly day time crews at this point, with vols doing the nights.
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    I see no issues at all with that plan.

    I know of several volunteer fire agencies that have folks that respond to just EMS calls. As a couple of the previous posters have said, it simply makes no sense to turrn somebody away because they just want to run EMS.
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