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    Default NEW Public Safety Testing TEST

    Hello..has anyone out there taken the NEW version on PST written test yet? I heard they changed it in Nov '12. Is it similar to the old one of more like NTN?? What should I/we all study??

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    I have taken the new test administered from public safety and it is much more difficult. The first portion is scenario based and consists of 30 questions and allotted 45 mins. Then the next portion is the personality questions which are 120 questions with 30 mins to complete it. The last phase is 80 cognitive questions and the time limit is 2 hours. In the past, I was able to complete the fire exam in about an hour but this test will take up every minute of your time. Every single person in the room was scrambling to complete the exam when I left with 1 minute remaining. The study guide for the new fire exam can be purchased on the www.publicsafetytesting.com site under the store menu. The new test is no joke and very time consuming but just study and I am sure you will do just fine.

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    I took it a few days ago in Lynwood, WA. This was my very first test and I thought it was fairly difficult as we'll. I got a 77.34%. Won't get me an interview, but I know what to expect in 177 days and will be fully prepared to knock that score up. I am curious as to how much the personality questions are weighted in your score?.. You really have to be fast. There is no time for review on this one.

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