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Thread: Could this tattoo hurt my chances of getting hired by a fire department?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulLepore View Post
    A standard short sleeve uniform is pretty self explanatory. Yes, I have personally stopped an interview when I received a "yes" answer. The department had a "No visible tattoo" policy. If the candidate does not meet the minimum standard, HR does not require us to continue the interview.

    As I have said before, a tattoo does not define how you will perform as a firefighter. It is, however, imperative that all candidates meet the minimum requirements.

    My message is simple. If you do not have a tattoo, you should seriously consider not getting one. It's hard enough to get hired without one. Getting one MAY limit your chances.

    If you have one already, decide how important it is to you. If it's practical you may consider getting it removed.
    No I understand what you mean. I was merely pointing out that there are other ways then just the uniform to cover tattoos. (Without violating any uniform standard) There for stopping the interview for ''failure to meet minimum standard'' can be flawed.

    Chief Lapore I mean no disrespect. I have followed your advice and have learn alot from you. I agree with you that someone who is seeking this career that does not already have a visible tattoo to not get one.
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    Ask yourselves if you'd rather look cool or have a career. I've made summer time sales calls in Florida with long sleeves. Sound fun? Might as well pierce your lip or eyebrow while you're at it, you'll get judged just the same.

    All things being equal, the squeaky clean guy with no ink is always, always, always in a better position to get hired.

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    Why not just wait until after you get hire? It can/will do two things for you, 1) may help you get a job by not having one yet. 2) You will be slightly older and my decide you don't want "that tattoo". best of luck to you.
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