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Thread: High Beams!

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    Default High Beams!

    What do you do when you get on scene, do you turn off your head lights and just leave the parking and warning lights on? Or do you leave you high beams on and blind everybody else coming up on scene? In our area it seems that the latter is what happens and it seems rather unsafe to me. Thoughts?

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    Truthfully, I don't do anything special with the headlights when I get on scene. Fire scenes: I am busy either establilshing water supply or getting tank water to the interior crews. Most of the time other units are coming up behind us, so headlights don't bother anybody. On rescue scenes, I'm not sure the headlights matter much after setting up scene lighting, especially if we use the light towers.

    If I notice that the headlights are a problem, I will do something after all of the other tasks are taken care of.

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    My headlights only stay on when it's really cold out. And people can't see them through my turnout gear anyhow.

    But seriously, I can usually tell when I pull up if the headlights could be a problem and I'll turn them down to parking lights then.
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    If I'm first due with the rescue, it is cocked toward the guard rail or ditch, sometimes illuminating the accident until I can get the generator, brow light & light tower in operation. High beams are also disabled when the "Wig-Wag" is on. Second due (engine) I turn to protect the scene. Almost always to the right so I can observe the cover line from the P.O. position. If it is necessary to cover the left lane, I turn the head light off (parkers & warnings operating) with the rear arrowed to the right. Most times, we simply close the road. It is much safer for all concerned including fire police and ambo personnel. PSP & Penn Dot don't like that, but safety of the crew takes precident.

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    It's our SOP, at both the VFD and work, that we turn off all headlights upon arrival. In fact, the last six engines we've purchased are programmed to have the headlights turn off upon application of the parking brake.

    It's not worth our personnel safety to blind oncoming traffic, especially on two-lane roads.
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    Lights off on arrival.

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    I don't use the high beams on runs. And we own the road on scenes to the point that it's not an issue.

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