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Thread: KCMO Fire Hiring Process

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    Have they hired Medics yet?! It's been about 3 months since the test and interviews.

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    I don't know doubled, I took computer based fire exam this week, haven't heard anything about the medics only process though sorry man

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    Quote Originally Posted by AirforcefireAir View Post
    I see that preference is given to medics, residents, and vets, if you are both a vet and medic do you think this will "double" your preference points and move you up higher on the list? Just curious as to how this may work out for me. I know you probably don't work in human resources and can't answer that question, but I though it was worth a shot. I'd appreciate your opinion on the matter.
    I'm not really sure. This is the first time the department has ever hired this way, so I'm sometimes as surprised as anyone. It sounds like there is not a "points" system, but rather that at least residents, and probably medics and vets too, are being given a "first-chance" before others test. I would strongly suggest you call HR with any questions, though, because I don't want to give you bum dope.

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Looks like you are already testing, so maybe you know more by now...

    Good luck. Stay the course. This is an excellent job and a great fire department.

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